Showhouse 53

53rd Symphony Designers’ Showhouse Plans are Underway

We are pleased to announce that plans are moving forward for the 53rd Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, to open in 2023. Kellie Sullivan is serving as the Showhouse Chair.

A search is underway now to find the ideal Showhouse. Can you help us identify the perfect home? Certain criteria apply, though there is flexibility. Typically the Showhouse is:

  • Located in the Ward Parkway, Plaza, Hyde Park, Valentine or Brookside areas (the house must be on the Missouri side of the Kansas City area).
  • At least 5,000 square feet, preferably three floors, with a grand staircase, a backyard and driveway roomy enough to host tented events, and reasonable access to street parking or a nearby parking lot for visitors.
  • Structurally sound. The house will not be renovated or remodeled by KCSA. It will be decorated by select professional designers with the newest design ideas, latest paint colors, updated window treatments, and freshened landscaping.
  • Available for five months. A contract is negotiated and KCSA takes over the property throughout the design and tour phases of the Showhouse.

We’d love to partner with a homeowner who is excited to be part of this 50+ year Kansas City tradition. If you know of a possible property, please contact Kellie Sullivan,

About the Kansas City Symphony Designers’ Showhouse

Each year since 1970, a Kanas City landmark residence is chosen as the Symphony Designers’ Showhouse. The homeowners move out and a public preview of the “undecorated” home is held. Local designers are selected to transform each room of the home into a design showplace. The “finished” Showhouse is open to the public. Tickets are sold online, through outlets and through KCSA members. The Showhouse is available for private parties during the time the Showhouse is open to the public. The project has been recognized many times by the League of American Orchestras with Gold Book Awards for quality and innovation. All proceeds benefit the Kansas City Symphony.