A Message from Barbara Berry

April 23, 2022

As the basics are falling into place upstairs, downstairs and all around the house, the real magic now begins. The designers are assembling to attend to their various domains.  Furniture has begun to arrive. The sounds of sanding, spraying, and pounding are being replaced by murmurs of color being artfully displayed and details clicking into place.  New plants and blossoms are emerging daily outside of the windows, the fountains are beginning to burble, and the new copper downspouts are glowing in the sunshine. The graceful cast iron basin that Judy found has been attached to the perfect base with the able assistance of Van Liew’s under daughter Amy’s watchful eye.

The work to transform this house into a home for the next generation of this family is well underway and we have the privilege to assist in making it happen and to be able to share it with you.

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Barbara Berry, VP, Symphony Designers’ Showhouse